Dead Sea – Palestine

Visiting the Dead Sea is one of the most recommended things to do when traveling to this area. The experience is very amusing as the high salinity of water prevents one to sink naturally and people is floating without making any effort to swim.

Earth’s lowest elevation on land, the region’s climate and higher atmospheric pressure, in addition to the high salinity and the mineral contents of its waters (among other things), have made the Dead Sea a popular center for health research and several types of therapies and treatments.

However, there are some personal warnings, as well as poster’s signs in certain places I would have liked to know before visiting the Dead Sea:

Do not jump or dive into the water.
Do not inmerse your head.
Do not splash water on yourself or others.
Where possible, use a jetty to enter the water (if there is no jetty, it is better not to enter barefoot as some sharp rocks can cut your feet).
Enter until you can squat, then lie back gently.
Do not drink seawater.
Consume drinking water frequently.

By Tatiana Paradiso.

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