How important is to get prepared to a disaster…

In the mission I took part last week I had the opportunity to know the people living in these communities, not only during the time of the activities but also in their dairy life to get in touch with their social life. I could see how they live, the solidarity between them and with us to solve problems together as a real community. I wanted to know more about how they live and what they think about international aid, so I asked to one man if he wanted to answer some question and he accepted. His name is Matute, he is 35 years old and spent most of his life in Sukatpin, apart from five years that he spent in Puerto Cabezas the biggest city in this area. He took part in the activity realised by GVC and Civil Defense in his community and was one of the most involved and motivated participant.

  • What do you think about humanitarian and development aid in your community? Do you think that projects developed in this area respond to what the community need?

  • I think it is really important for us to receive aid from other countries and in general as we participate in the process the projects respond to our needs. For example the “Casa Comunal” where we had the activity today was built with a project financed by German Cooperation, and we really need it because we didn´t have a place where we could meet each other and organise public events for all the community.

  • What about the relationship between Sutakpin and the Local and Regional authorities?

  • It is really good we normally receive aid and support from both of them. We collaborate to solve our problems and they normally answer our requests especially in health issues.

  • What do you think about the session given today by GVC and Civil Defense?

  • I think It’s crucial for us to get into these issues as risk management and climate change to improve our knowledgements and get prepared to respond as a community with a Commettee and a Brigade in case of an emergency. At the same it depends on us to take advantage of it, learning risk management skills.

  • Have you ever been here during an emergency situation? Where you prepared ?

  • Yes, in 2007 when there was the hurricane Felix we had no Commette nor Brigade,we were not prepared, fortunately nobody died or get injured, we just suffered material damage to our houses. We stayed for five days without food or water because also the road was seriously damaged and the Rescue Brigade from Puerto Cabezas couldn’t arrive before that time. We were lucky but we don’t know how it will be next time, that’s why I think we have to learn more, gain experience to work as a team and get prepared for the next time, we don’t know how strong it will be.

By David Wiersma

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