Improving Livelihoods in Haiti

Located in the South-East Department of Haiti, Thiotte is a five hour drive from either Jacmel or Port-au-Prince. It is a quintessentially rural town situated between the Forêts de pins, one of Haiti’s last protected forested regions, and the Savane Zombie. At nearly 1000 meters in altitude, Thiotte is a prime location for coffee production and coffee has been an important staple of the local agricultural sector for generations. Realizing this importance, Alianza has been working with coffee farmers and the local community for several years. Building on their experience, Alianza has with the support of La Agencia Andaluza de Cooperación Internacional para el Desarrollo (AACID), and local partner organization Crose,  launched an ambitious and multifaceted project to continue to support local farmers, civil society organizations (CSO) and local authorities to address the most pressing needs of the community.

The two-year project which began in March 2017 will help coffee farmers to increase their productive capacity by assisting them in regenerating their parcels and providing them technical support and training in terms of improving agricultural inputs and crop management. The project will also aid CSOs in improving their operational capacities regarding transparency, development and communication. Critical to accomplishing these tasks, Alianza will work cooperate closely with local authorities.

Combined in all these activities is an emphasis on gender equality. To this end, Alianza will train several dozen women in leadership and personal development. The goal is that these women will replicate these trainings and continue to pass their knowledge on to other members of the community.

In total, more than 3000 people will benefit from the current project. With its various objectives the project is a holistic approach to community development and emphasizes the fact that improving the livelihoods of those in the community does not just stop at increasing agricultural output. The importance placed on training and replication will ensure that the community of Thiotte will continue to see the benefits of this project for years to come.

Eric Adrien

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