International Volunteer Day: The Reality We Can Change

«To act on reality and change it, even a little, is the only way to prove that we can change reality».
(Eduardo Galeano).

From apathy to action!


The 4000 volunteers that will experience EU Aid volunteering over the next six years will be living really unique living experiences. Thanks to this initiative they will form part of a conscious, crtical, citizenship, convinced of his/her own processing capacity and of the need to demand government solutions to stop inequality gap increasement.

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# TWeet ACTion!


Why this Tweet Action?

In spite of the current deep crisis of values, it’s important to communicate to public opinion that European solidarity is an up and coming value.

The communication action wants to highlight the important contribution of the UE aid volunteers through their actions in the field to European solidarity and how this experience contributes to create an European volunteer’s model.

We care, we Act!


Action information

Languages: English, Spanish, Italian

Messages (TW and FB)



#EY2015 (link w/ EY2015 for Development


"Founded on the values of solidarity and mutual trust, volunteerism transcends all cultural, linguistic and geographic boundaries. By giving their time and skills without expectation of material reward, volunteers themselves are uplifted by a singular sense of purpose."
 (Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, Message for the International Volunteer Day for Economic and Social Development, 5 December 2012)


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