Tanzanian woman

Mother, wife, farmer, homeworker, daughter, sister, cook and nurse. Tanzanian woman is characterized of the ability to do many things at the same time. In spite of the fact this advantage constitutes a common skill in women around the world, the woman plays an essential role for the domestic, familiar and communal development in this country. Moreover, the last 8th of March was the “International women’s day” and I have not wanted to leave this month without stopping from dedicating a post to Tanzanian women.

A lot of reports, documentaries, movies and news have already discussed this issue. However, as far as I share with these women my day, as far as I discover that their working day starts at 5 in the morning and finishes after midnight, I definitely realize that those women make extraordinary labour. Particularly, rural women who carry on their shoulders the housework and the farm work.

My purpose is not to tell something unknown about Tanzanian woman, not even to condemn the lack of freedom suffered since she was born. I am talking about the sense of ownership to a man; first her father, then his husband, even if she has not succeeded in getting marriage, she would belong to one of her brothers. As a result of certain traditions, woman is historically marginalized to secondary roles. Hence, hers is the testimony of a life marked by poverty and discrimination.

I would really like to show the appreciated merit of Tanzanian women. Honestly, all those women, who dedicate the life in taking care of their home, deserve the Nobel Prize in the promotion of peace. A story focused on the dedication, care and attention is worth of so honorable award. It is about showing love and tenderness, their ordinary work keeps the balance into the family and improves the livelihood of all the members. Livelihood improvement is development, isn’t it?

With these words, I simply wish to contribute to make visible the effort of Tanzanian women in our website.