As a part of my volunteering , I  wrote a story for a magazine and illustration, I would like to share with you all 🙂

The guardians of mangrove

«Kumi» was a young crab, she lived in a mangrove swamp with her family. She liked playing with her friends Walpa «shrimp» Slilma «turtle» around the mangrove. Once she was lost and trapped between the roots of one large mangrove was near his house for that reason Kumi always was afraid of it. When walking through the jungle never wanted to pass him, and always told her friends not to come there because this tree wanted to catch them.

One day walking with her mother, passed near the great mangle. Kumi said: Yapti, I would like the strong sea winds carry the large mangle to be not afraid anymore. Her mother said : Kumi, that tree is very important for all of us

But …. why? she asked, and her mother told her ……
Some years ago, you weren’t born yet when the strong winds came from the sea, he gave us shelter, many of us were living a lot of time among their roots,  protecting us and giving food.

Why are so strong mangroves? Kumi asked his mother. Her mother explained that these trees have large roots that attach with strong winds and fight to protect all animals in the mangroves.

As they walked, Kumi’s mother was explaining more about the mangroves, suddenly, in the middle of the road saw a group of very frightened crabs. Kumi was frightened and hid behind her mother. These crabs told their mother that men had ripped the trees that were in the mangroves, and when they reached the strong winds of the sea; all their houses had been destroyed and had to leave because there were no mangroves to protect them. One crab said: We are very sad, we are homeless and do not know where to go.

Back to home Kumi was very quiet and thoughtful, when they got home Kumi said:  Yapti!  I will not be afraid of that big tree, I will protect it and play with it, because without it we cannot live in our community, I get Yapti …… they are  the GUARDIANS OF MANGROVE !!


Loli Piqueras

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