Time to share our results… last activity with population

During my mission in Nicaragua, I have worked with rural populations to understand, evaluate and analyze their vulnerabilities and capacities in front of natural disasters and then suggest a project to reduce the risk of disaster. Now, it’s time to communicate and share our results and suggestions and to get people’s point of view. It’s an interesting part of the job because it’s the last step of the evaluation but also the first step of the project itself. People can see concrete actions that can be taken to make them more resilient to cope with a disaster. These suggestions are also results of their contributions during the evaluation activities where we asked for their knowledge. It’s also a way to exchange ideas about activities that can be developed: population is the first actor, the beneficiaries so they must give their feelings, points of views. It’s important because it’s their project. We want them they give their points of view, their suggestions, if they like an activity or not, why or why not, if they think an activity will run on or not. Because who knows better its village than population itself?


For example, further a survey, we have suggested to develop activities of sensitization about disasters: what to do in case of earthquake, how to react before a hurricane, how to deal with a drought, etc. A man was very enthusiastic with this idea because he said it was very important to know this kind of information. However, a group of women thought this activity would not run on because people don’t come to this kind of workshops and mobilize them could be difficult. That’s important to get this kind of observations for the good development of the project. In this case, if we know people don’t mobilize and don’t go to a workshop so we’ll find another way to share the useful information to reach our goal.

During this activity we also ask people to propose other activities: maybe they have ideas and it’s the opportunity to share them.

By Emmanuelle Legay

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