World Humanitarian Day – Palestine

It is said that the happiest pages in history are white pages which have never been written down. In this World Humanitarian Day I would like to recognize many volunteer actions which are being unnoticed and silently undertaken and that usually do not have the news attention. But the efforts, sacrifices and commitments made by hundreds of millions that voluntarily share their time, abilities and their experience, without expecting any material reward, produce a powerful impact in communities and individuals. They are an endless source of changes in the contribution to bring peace and development to the world we live in.

For me, being a volunteer is believing that the power of changing things is within ourselves, and no matter the place or position we start from, everyone has something to give to those who are in greater need.

Being a volunteer is also to keep alive hope that values like solidarity, reciprocity, brotherhood, confidence and the wish of looking for the common welfare are still alive in our society, and that we can leave behind a better world than the one we have found.

In this special day, I would like to thank ECHO and Alianza por la Solidaridad for the opportunity they gave me to make my little contribution in this part of the world. I am thankful for the wonderful people I was able to meet through them and for the rewarding experience I can be part of.

By Tatiana Paradiso.