Ugandan Style strikes again!

The largest team of the Project says “Hi!” again.

Our second week is coming to its end and now there is time to tell you a bit more about the project and the country.

The NGO for which we are going to be working has eight branches all around Uganda. One of their most efficient and common way to be financed is implementing what they call: Work-Camps. The last one of the year took part in Luwero, in a School built for Luwero children given the long distance that separates this village from the closest one. We got there by Matatu (see picture) very soon in the morning since it was supposed to start at 10 am, but Ugandan-Style, nothing really went on until 12.30 PM

Foreign volunteers (Muzungus) are invited to take part in them by paying a fee that is used for its funds. One of these workcamps ended on Sunday December the 16th and the six of us were invited to assist to the closing ceremony. It all started with the national Ugandan Anthem and continued with songs and dances performed by the children. After a very Ugandan lunch and a tour around the project (school) we headed home

UPA is going to be closed for two weeks due to Christmas Holidays, but during this week we have had countless meetings the six of us and with the coordinator that have been really useful to start defining better what will be the task and how we are going to carry it out. However this will not be starting what so ever, until January the 7th. Until then we might keep on telling you about our leisure time.

For example, on Friday 21st, to celebrate the end of the world we all went to Kampala encouraged by Nabila (French volunteer) to a concert. The band playing was P-Square (apparently, very known one in Africa) and their star-song sounded at the very end “Chop ma money” ( Concert  took part at Lugogo Cricket Stadium.

Thanks for reading, we will keep in touch!

Sarah, Nabila, Isabel, Anna, Julian and Abi



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